SELFIES FROM THE END OF THE WORLD: A Kickstarter from Jeremy Zimmerman and Mad Scientist Journal

A special message for you guys from Jeremy Zimmerman!

selfies-bannerWe’re spending February running a Kickstarter for an anthology called Selfies from the End of the World: Historical Accounts of the Apocalypse. This will collect short stories about the various ways the world can end, as told by people who experienced it.

This is an extention of our magazine, Mad Scientist Journal. Every week we put out a story told from the “World of mad science”, and collect them together with some extra content into quarterly publications. Last year we wanted to do something similar but bigger, and crowdfunded an anthology about Lovecraft’s Miskatonic Valley. And it went great! We had some great stories submitted and we’ve received a lot of great reviews for it.

Why the apocalypse? The phrase “selfies from the end of the world” popped into my head a while back, but I didn’t know what to do with it. After we came up with the idea for our Miskatonic anthology, That Ain’t Right, I realized this could be a great title for a similar volume about the apocalypse.

Our target funding goal is for the bare minimum to put out the book at the same quality as That Ain’t Right. One big difference from last year, though, is that we haven’t accepted any stories in advance. We want to be able to pick more stories from the submissions we get.

Since the title of the book is about pictures, though, the stretch goal we have for it is what we’re calling Postcards from the End: additional art that will be put into the book. For the higher end backers, they will also receive postcards with this art as well. We work hard to include up and coming writers, and we want to be able to help support illustrators as well.

Jeremy Zimmerman is a teller of tales who dislikes cute euphemisms for writing like “teller of tales.” His fiction has most recently appeared in 10Flash Quarterly, Arcane and anthologies from Timid Pirate Publishing. His young adult superhero book, Kensei, is available as part of Cobalt City Rookies. He is also the editor for Mad Scientist Journal. He lives in Seattle with five cats and his lovely wife (and fellow author) Dawn Vogel.

Guest: Jeremy Zimmerman, THAT AIN’T RIGHT #Kickstarter

Please help me welcome guest Jeremy Zimmerman to the blog today! Jeremy is editor of Mad Scientist Journal, and also of the THAT AIN’T RIGHT Lovecraft-inspired anthology currently being crowd-funded on Kickstarter! *Kermit flail*

thataintrightWe’re crowdfunding an anthology of tales set in the Miskatonic Valley, told by the people who live there. Sort of. We’re having authors write tales from the point of view of people who live or visit there. Why would we do such a thing?

Because we run a little e-zine called Mad Scientist Journal. It started with some random person at a convention proclaiming that there should be a scientific journal for mad scientists. And I registered the domain name on the spot. Since then we’ve published a couple years’ worth of stories with one bit of meta-fiction surrounding it:

All of our stories have a fictional narrator telling the story. They share the by-line with the real author and get their own bio at the bottom. We publish the stories on our site. Every quarter, we collect them and put them in an ebook with some exclusive stories (the “fiction” section of our Journal), some fake classified ads, and even an advice column. It’s sort of my love-letter to the long dead Omni Magazine.

But having a mostly free ezine doesn’t pay for itself very well. So we spent some time trying to think of a stand-alone book that could tie into the same sort of ideas as Mad Scientist Journal, but was different enough that we wouldn’t just publish the stories on the site.

Then one day, the phrase “oral histories of the Miskatonic Valley” popped into my head and sparked off a chain reaction. Instead of having stories about mad scientists, why not stories about regular people who have to deal with the Lovecraft-style horrors?

Since all the cool kids are doing Kickstarters, we figured we could too. And to sweeten the pot, we thought we could have some pre-selected authors to go with it. Between our life as writers and our work with the ‘zine, we’ve gotten to meet a lot of really great people. So we emailed anyone we thought would be interested in writing to a deadline for almost no money. And we got back seven really awesome stories.

The Kickstarter has gone well so far. We’ve had some great successes. I’m really looking forward to seeing the final product.

Best of luck to Jeremy and everyone involved in this project. Please go to to check out details about the THAT AIN’T RIGHT anthology, and to pledge an amount to support it!