REVIEW: Dino Hunt Dice by Steve Jackson Games

dinohunt1OK, I swear, I did not just buy this game because it had cute little dino dice. 

Well, OK, I did. Seriously? The cutest damned dice I have ever seen. And because I love Steve Jackson Games, and I love Zombie Dice, I figured, how could I go wrong?

I’m pleased to report that I did not. 

The concept of Dino Hunt Dice is pretty simple. You roll three dice at a time. The little dinosaurs on the dice are the ones you catch. You collect those during your turn. The leaves are the cover for the dinosaurs, which means you can roll those dice again. The footprints mean you have been STOMPED and smooshed by said dinosaurs. If you get three footprints, your turn ends. The first person to have collected 20 dinos wins.

dinohunt4The game is very much like Zombie Dice, but…with dinosaurs. I would say this would be an excellent game if you have kids who are squeamish at the sight of brains. If you yourself just aren’t a zombie fan, then this is a great alternative to Zombie Dice. All the fun, none of the brains/shotgun blasts. 

This is also a pretty fast game, and is perfect for after dinner when you are winding the kids down for bed or whatever. There is suspense, competition, chance and strategy. And, did I mention, cute dino dice?

dinohunt2 dinohunt3

The packaging is clever–the cup is used to shake the dice, and easily stores all the dice and instructions within. I love the artwork. It’s colorful and appealing to all ages. 

This game is easily another win for Steve Jackson Games.


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