And thus ends another Gen Con…

This was my second Gen Con, but the first without my family, so it definitely was a new experience. I have to admit that while I did meet several of the Writer’s Symposium people last year, and I knew most of them online in some way or another, I was a little nervous about actually being in there where the action was, especially since I was going to be on several panels. Impostor syndrome started to weasel its way into my brain. My fears were completely unfounded though. Everyone at the Symposium, authors, volunteers, and professionals alike, were all very friendly and welcoming. It was a joy to spend time with everyone. My panels went really well. I had been nervous about sharing the stage (I’m used to teaching workshops with just me up there), but the moderators of my panels did a good job making sure everyone had a chance to speak.

I made as much time as I could to actually attend a few panels, and all of them were excellent. I still maintain that the Gen Con Writer’s Symposium is the best kept secret in the industry–$75 will get you access to three and a half FULL days of workshops from some of the best authors and professionals in the industry. PLUS that $75 gets you into all the rest of Gen Con.

I was in the Dealer’s Room quite a bit over the week, networking for clients and of course, shopping. I also came across some pretty sweet cosplay action from all areas of geekdom, and made some really great connections within the gaming industry.

The best part, above and beyond everything else, was meeting people in person for the first time, seeing old friends again, and just having fun. I most definitely mixed business and pleasure this past week, and I don’t regret it a bit!


At the airport


Yes, I bought a Utilikilt. I just need a huge two-handed bastard sword now.


My favorite food truck. The pierogis were quite good.


Dressed up and ready for trouble.


Ha HAAA! (Only a select few people will get this, and that’s OK…)


I kind of thought he’d be taller…


It was…special.


Randomly ran into Dave Robison–three times!


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