Ye Olde Gen Con Schedule

Before I forget in my tornado of preparations, here is where I will “officially” be during Gen Con later this week. If you want to catch up with me, I’ll generally be hanging out in the Writers Symposium area, and I’m usually available via Facebook chat if you want to hook up for a drink or coffee or  general shenanigans. 


3PM: Industry Pro: Publicity, Marketing, and Public Relations (WKS)–Jaym Gates (leader), Kameron Hurley, Melanie Meadors

8PM: Writer’s Craft: Small Scale Adventure (Rm 244)–Brad Beaulieu (Moderator), Aaron Rosenberg, Steve Long, Christopher Rowe, Melanie Meadors


7PM: Writing Outside Your Comfort Zone (Rm 244)–Brad Beaulieu (Moderator), Jerry Gordon, Geoffrey Girard, Saladin Ahmed, Melanie Meadors


2 PM: Urban Fantasy: Urban Fantasy Market Report (Rm 244)–Kerrie Hughes (Moderator), Melanie Meadors

3PM: Industry Pro: Kickstarter, Social Media, and Standing Out From the Crowd (WKS)–Jaym Gates (Presenter), Melanie Meadors, Steven Saus, Stephen Hood


And now…off to do some more prep work and finish up some work so I can have fun this week!



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