22724583SUMMARY: Every Wedding Has a Ruiner. Thomas Massery has always had a way…with the ladies, with a good bottle of booze, and with a sarcastic quip. Attending a wedding along with three ex-wives is bad enough. Being seated with them gets his dander up. When he sees the bride escaping her own reception, he decides to use his powers for evil…and not for the first time. Because this isn’t the first evening Thomas Massery has ruined for everyone.

REVIEW: A Mix of Nick Hornby, Chuck Palahniuk, Cheap Booze, and…WTF? This book played out in my head like a John Cusack movie as I read it. The imagery, the characters, the entire situation, all were so vivid in my mind, I could taste the cheap whiskey and smell that familiar scent of fear and guilt that is rampant at most wedding receptions. It’s the kind of book where as I read, I was thoroughly entertained: I laughed, I cringed, I cheered…and then I asked myself, am I a bad person for being amused at all of this?

With THE RUINER, Jeff Somers takes readers on a ride from Hehehe, to Oh wow, to Holy crap, to WTF??? in compact, efficient novella form. There’s something for everyone, from those about to tie the knot themselves, to sick, twisted bastards like myself. So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a bottle of your preferred liquid punishment, snatch some tissues to sop up those salty tears (from laughter? sadness? who knows!) and experience THE RUINER for yourself!

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