Godzilla…A monster movie experience

On Friday I went to see Godzilla, and I brought along a date. Well, let me tell you. NEVER AGAIN. He wasn’t exactly what his eLove profile described.



But you know, I can look past that stuff. I knew things were off to a bad start, however, when he ordered a drink bigger than himself.



You’d think a monster like him would be able to hold his punch, but…



Shut off, Godzilla. You are SHUT OFF.



And then of course we end up in the bathroom… I offered to hold his hair back, but he just skreeeonked at me. Finally, I got him cleaned up and it was time to go to the movies.



Yeah, I don’t think so man. Give me those keys!

Once we were in the theater and got some nice coffee, he did OK. Until he saw himself on the big screen. He swears, the camera added 40,000 tons. I don’t know. But hey, it was a great evening, and it was lots of fun to hang around with a star all evening, even if he’s a mean drunk.



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