How Ecological! (A review of Eco Fluxx)

ImageEco Fluxx is one of the many games in Looney Labs’ line of Fluxx cards games. Santa gave it to my son for Christmas, since he is such a huge fan of Cthulhu Fluxx and also because he’s a big lover of cute natural things.

The blurb on the website is as follows: In the wild, you must adapt to survive! Will you win by having your Bears Eat Fish? Or will someone change the Goal so that their Frogs and Insects can make Night Music? Play ecology themed Actions and Rules like Scavenger or Composting, but watch out for Creeper cards like Forest Fire, that can hurt everyone! Discover a little about how things go together, with EcoFluxx – the nature game of ever-changing rules!

The packaging of the game is kid friendly and appealing, at least to MY kid. The same goes for the artwork on the cards. I myself enjoyed looking through the cards. Shockingly enough–the game is educational. Throughout play, my son was asking questions. “What’s this?” He was reminded about photosynthesis, and recycling, how composting works. There are predators and decomposition. And of course, all the fun game play that always comes with Fluxx.

ImageGame play can last anywhere from 2 minutes (I’m not kidding) to an hour, averaging about 15 minutes or so. We’ve played with 2 and 3 people, but you can play with up to 6. It’s the perfect game to play after dinner for a nice family activity, or even to take on a trip to play in the hotel. The rules are super easy to learn, and it’s not a complex game. There IS strategy involved, though, so don’t let the simple concept of the game fool you. The instructions say ages 8+ will enjoy, but I think that with some reading help, most 6 year olds could enjoy it.

ImageI would note that this is a nice addition to any homeschoolers game library. 🙂

All in all, I have nothing negative to say. A fun game for the whole family!


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