Holiday shopping? Look no further! #giveaway

EDITED TO ADD: I’ve decided to do a giveaway with this post! You have a couple shots at winning. One: Comment on this post. Two: Go over to Facebook and “like” my author page. (there should be a box on the sidebar of the blog you can click on). What will you get? Well…since it’s the season of giving, how about the entire series of your choice?

Looking for something to get the discerning reader in your life? Well, have I got books for you! I could go on recommending books all day. Well, all week, really. But here are a few series that will keep the geeky readers in your lives busy.

Study Silks small version (2)1. The Baskerville Affair Series, by Emma Jane Holloway: A STUDY IN SILKS, A STUDY IN DARKNESS, A STUDY IN ASHES (releases December 31). These books are steampunk mystery, mayhem, and a touch of romance, starring the niece of famed detective Sherlock Holmes.

alchemystic2. The Spellmason Chronicles, by Anton Strout: ALCHEMYSTIC, STONECAST A personal favorite of mine, the Spellmason Chronicles are urban fantasy featuring a 20-something year old artist who is the last spellmason (a person able to manipulate stone and give it life qualities) and a 200-something year old gargoyle sword to protect her and her family. Adventure with snarky humor and geeky nods throughout, these books are favorite gifts of mine to give.

gadsavequeen3. The Immortal Empire series, by Kate Locke: GOD SAVE THE QUEEN, THE QUEEN IS DEAD, LONG LIVE THE QUEEN Part steampunk, part urban fantasy, the best of both worlds come together in Locke’s series where Queen Victoria is undead, and werewolves, vampires and–YES–goblins roam London. Fun, witty books with attitude!

Print4. The Avery Cates series, by Jeff Somers: THE ELECTRIC CHURCH, THE DIGITAL PLAGUE, THE ETERNAL PRISON, THE TERMINAL STATE, and THE FINAL EVOLUTION How can you resist this series when the first line of the back cover blurb is “Avery Cates is a very bad man”? I love Avery Cates so much I named my computer after him. This is fast-paced gritty science fiction with a wonderful anti-hero who kind of reminds me of a Frank Miller character (say, Marv from Sin City, or Batman in The Dark Knight Returns). Somers’s voice really makes the series, and I have to say, DIGITAL PLAGUE really is one of my favorite books.

The-Lives-of-Tao5. THE LIVES OF TAO, by Wesley Chu: And it’s sequel, THE DEATHS OF TAO. Fun and fast science fiction, these read like part spy novel, part comic book. A nice blend of humor and suspense with great characters. An IT technician turned secret agent with an alien in his head–what’s not to love?

metrozone-1-equationsoflife6. The Samuil Petrovich series, by Simon Morden: EQUATIONS OF LIFE, THEORIES OF FLIGHT, and DEGREES OF FREEDOM Fast-moving near future science fiction meets gangster thriller. A great wise-cracking cyber-romp that’s a fairly fast read, fans of people like House or Avery Cates will enjoy the main character here.

Yes, indeed, I could go on for ages here: I haven’t even touched upon some of the cyberpunk classics, or epic fantasy, or comics, or space opera. Not to mention some fantastic authors who are great no matter what genres their stories are in. Maybe I’ll save a few of those for another day.

Happy holiday shopping!


10 thoughts on “Holiday shopping? Look no further! #giveaway

  1. Wow so much to choose from and great ideas! Thanks for the ideas and the contest. I like them all but I think I would start with Avery Cates.

  2. Oh my- I don’t think I would get anything done for my family for a week if I started reading these. That’s not a bad thing, right? :”)

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