Review: THE KICK-ASS WRITER by Chuck Wendig

ImageThis writing book is prophetic!! 

You can use this book in many different ways. First, the normal way. Read it from cover to cover. You’ll definitely want to do that because this baby is FULL of excellent writing advice presented in an entertaining yet oddly motivating fashion. I love Chuck’s voice. He seems to say the things I need to hear in the way I need to hear them. Every aspect of writing that I could think of (inspiration, plot, theme, character, querying, websites, marketing…) is covered in this book in easily digestible nuggets.

The second way you could use this book? Well, that’s when he get into the metaphysical. Close your eyes and open the book to any random page. ANY. Jab your finger down and read that passage. IT WILL APPLY TO YOUR PROBLEM. Chuck’s book will change the way you not only write, but live your life. Read the words behind the words…it’s deep, man. Actually, it’s even MORE helpful to do this when you are stuck with your story, because even when the advice doesn’t apply to the exact problem you think you have, somehow thinking about these small chunks of info is enough to get things moving again in unexpected ways.

I was even brought to tears (no, for real) when I read #1 under “25 Things Writers Should Stop Doing Right Now”: STOP RUNNING AWAY. Yeah. Why have I been trying for ten years to have a career in writing but have NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT (aside from the publication of a couple lame short stories that I received all of $5 for)? Because I run away. Every time something starts going my way…well, have you ever noticed, my friends? Some big new opportunity jumps up in my life, or tragedy strikes, or…yeah. It’s all bullsh*t. I mean, it doesn’t SEEM like bullsh*t at the time, I don’t feel like I’m making crap up. but really, all I’m doing is letting stuff get in my way. That whole chapter of things to stop doing was a huge eye-opener for me. Not because it was new info, but just the way Wendig said it. This book may be called THE KICK-ASS WRITER, but I feel like in parts, it’s the ass-kicking *I* needed.

In all seriousness, this book, well, kicks ass. It’s equal parts funny, inspiring, and instructional. It’ll get your writing engines rolling and kick your career into high gear. So what are you waiting for?

Chuck Wendig is a novelist, screenwriter, and game designer, and is the author of such novels as BlackbirdsMockingbirdThe Blue Blazes, and Under the Empyrean Sky. He lives is Pennsyltucky with his wife, son, and two dogs. You can find more at, where he frequently dispenses dubious advice on writing, publishing, and life in general.


2 thoughts on “Review: THE KICK-ASS WRITER by Chuck Wendig

    • LOL I was so stuck last week, so I just grabbed whatever was next to me to kind of distract myself. I just opened it to a random page, and the advice had nothing to do with the problem at hand, but it was enough to look at things differently and get a fresh perspective. DING! I was ready to go again ;).

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