REVIEW: CHUM, by Jeff Somers

It’s not too late to win a copy of CHUM! Leave a comment here or on Jeff’s guest post from yesterday, and you will be eligible! Winner will be randomly chosen. Without further ado, my review of CHUM:

17993543It’s like Friends…on booze. This dark look at a circle of friends with a mystery in the center may not be to everyone’s taste, but I found it fascinating to read. The timeline of the story is different–things don’t happen sequentially, rather, you see them as they need to be seen. Also, each chapter is from another character’s POV. Once I got the hang of it I didn’t find that this took me out of the story at all. Each character has a distinctive voice, and I was able to tell pretty much right away whose head we were in.

Once again, Somers proves he is a master at showing a rather, um, contemptible character (there might be a few in this book ;)) and keeping the reader completely engaged in this person, reading on to find out what exactly this person could do next. I love that no one had to be “redeemed” in this book. The people are who they are, and that is what makes the book so engrossing. Anything else would have felt cheap. At the end, things are open, but that’s OK. I left it feeling like life went on in its own messed up way, and I didn’t feel like I was missing anything or that there were loose ends.

Those who enjoyed Somers’s speculative fiction should enjoy this as well–it still has that distinct Jeff Somers flavor (for those of you that are into that stuff ;)). I enjoyed reading something different and seeing what a versatile author Somers is.

Click here to buy a copy of CHUM! And be sure to visit Jeff’s website to learn more about him and his other work.


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