Evil Martin’s World Con…Day 3

Evil Martin’s WorldCon Report, Day 3

Isn’t it interesting that “overload” and “overlord” differ by only one letter?

Blinkblinkblink… blink… blink… blink… blinkblinkblink…

What’s that, Mr. Starro? You know Morse Code?

Blinking? I don’t know what you mean. It must be my allergies, they’ve been flaring up.

Yes, sir, Mr. Starro, I’ll stop blinking.

Day 3 was filled with great panels, starting with ‘The Relationship Between Writers and Editors” with Janet Harriett, Gardner Dozois, Sheila Williams, James Patrick Kelly, and Lou Anders. Many tales were telled (Mr. Starro says that’s a word, so it totally is), and we got professional advice on how to flatter your editor.

Then we did marketing for the Writers and Illustrators of the Future (WAIOTF) party before heading to the Writers and Illustrators of the Future panel with Matthew Rotundo, Alvaro Zinos-Amaro, Corry L. Lee, and coordinating judge Dave Wolverton. (I got to hang in the front row with the winners, almost as if I belonged there… ***sniff***) While there, we met the illustrious Alistair Kimble, the amazing Jason Lairamore, and the astounding Stone Sanchez, plus others that my overlorded – I mean overloaded brain can’t recall.

226… 214… 226…

Then I went to a fascinating presentation on “Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Asteroids but Were Afraid to Ask” by Clifford (Kip) McMurray. He barely got started on the topic and was really getting wound up for more, when he ran out of time. Fortunately he has another talk this weekend. Can’t miss!

I followed that up with “Yes, Virginia, Nanotech IS Real”, with W. A. (Bill) Thomasson, Kathleen Goonan, David Tucker, William Ledbetter. This was clearly a propaganda campaign: nanotech is NOT real, and Mr. Starro has NOT planted millions of little nanobots in my brain to monitor everything I do!

0x53… 0x4F… 0x53…

Then it was time for dinner with the party crew: WOTF winner Andrea Stewart and her husband Jeremiah, WOTF winner Marina Lostetter, WOTF Golden Pen winner Tina Smith, and Austin DeMarco and Gama Martinez (who are both awesome even if they haven’t won – yet). They held the dinner in a secret place and never told me how to find it, but I outsmarted them: I started from Hooters (in San Antonio, all roads lead to Hooters!) and then walked as far as I could in the other direction, and there they were!

And then we discovered one more heinous move by the APC (Anti Party Conspiracy): they had torn down half the signs advertising our party! Mr. Starro says that was not very nice, and he shall slowly boil their brains as a punishment. Fortunately we recovered the most important sign (the one on our floor), and the party was a big success. Here’s our Golden Pen winner consulting with our coordinating judge.


I was assigned as Cerberus to guard the beer and allow access only to those of proper age, and that was where I spent the night. Any rumor that I was spotted with a beer of my own is a vicious lie. Any rumor that I was seen crashing the SFWA party to visit with Analog editor Trevor Quachri is entirely the fault of former editor Stanley Schmidt. When Stan says “Follow me!” you follow, even through the Gates of Hell. Stan’s more powerful than even Mr. Starro!

What’s that, Mr. Starro? No, I didn’t mean it. Not really!


226… 214… 226…

0x53… 0x4F… 0x53…

I Have No Eyelids, and I Must Blink



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