Evil Martin’s WorldCon Report, Day 2.6 (Ready to start Day 3)


The interesting obelisks are everywhere in San Antonio, even in our hotel lobby…


 …and even in our room!



These are really fascinating sculptures, and definitely NOT alien battle bots intent on conquering the Con; and through the Con, dominating the world. Mr. Starro says so; and I would NEVER disagree with Mr. Starro, especially not where the obelisks might hear.


 Blinkblinkblink… blink… blink… blink… blinkblinkblink…

The APC (Anti Party Conspiracy) continues. Mr. Starro says I should not discuss the details, because he says so, that’s why! But I can report that the intrepid Bill Ledbetter and the prize-winning Tina Gower and Marina Lostetter and the multitalented Dantzel Cherry and Austin DeMarco and Gama Martinez have the situation under control (completely unaware that Evil Martin is in their midst, right, Mr. Starro?). Here are the details, straight from Dave Wolverton’s mouth… Ummm, pen… Ummm, keyboard…

 For those here at Worldcon, we will be having a Writers/Illustrators of The Future Panel on Friday from 2-3.

 Also, we will be having a Writers of The Future Party tomorrow on Friday night from 9-12pm, at the River Center Marriot party floor–room 3536.

 Hope to see you tomorrow!

 As for yesterday’s events… I spent waaaaaay too much time in the dealer room on a mission which Mr. Starro says must not be revealed. (“DO NOT SPEAK OF THE GREEN BOX, THE LAST ONE IN THE ENTIRE CONVENTION!!!!!” were his words, I believe. Along the way, I saw many strange and wonderful sights…


I also attended three panels: Self Promotion, The Business of Writing, and All of Biology in One Hour. It is absolutely not true that I was stalking Marina and Tina in these panels; as working SF writers, we just all know the panels that will best help us in our work. (Besides, I didn’t select my panels, Mr. Starro did.) 

I must close now so I can begin another day. More reports later (if Mr. Starro approves).

Blinkblinkblink… blink… blink… blink… blinkblinkblink…



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