I was planning on doing a Gen Con sum up (finally), but something very strange is happening. It seems Evil Martin, the alter ego of science fiction writer Martin L. Shoemaker, has taken over my blog to cover…what? WORLD CON?? A con that *I*, the con junkie, could not attend?? Well, I’ve found when Evil Martin raises his head, it’s usually best to let him have his space. So without further ado… Here is Evil Martin:

ImageWorldCon Report, Day 1

So somebody (ahem) went to Boston ComicCon… And somebody (ahem) went to GenCon… And somebody (ahem) went to a romance con, the name of which I forget…

But somebody (ahem) is bummed because she can’t go to WorldCon with a bunch of other Writers and Illustrators of the Future forum members and go to our awesome WAIOTF party.

So as a consolation prize, Evil Martin has agreed to do some guest blog posts reporting on the scene at WorldCon. (Whatever was Melanie thinking?)

Tonight’s report is brief, since Evil Martin just got in, and the convention hasn’t actually started yet. But already, we have… DRAMA! It seems that somehow the hotel canceled all but the last day of Evil Martin’s reservation. But wait! Isn’t the WAIOTF party scheduled for Evil Martin’s room? Why, yes! Yes, it is!

Oh, no! Is the WAIOTF party cursed? Will there even be a party? Stay tuned to find out!

Wow, no WONDER Evil Martin came out. I will be waiting with baited breath to see what happens! (Maybe it will be like what happened with Market or Die–We ended up with a suite! You can have a very sweet party in a suite…). Good luck, Martin! The hopes of WAIOTF rest on your shoulders!


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