Hey kids! Today I am leaving on a road trip. About 14 hours one way to Indianapolis, home of Gen Con!

Not only is Gen Con a fabulous gaming convention (like, overwhelmingly fabulous!), but it is also the home of the Gen Con Writers Symposium, with over 110 hours of writing workshops, panels, and readings.  I’m so excited to be attending this for my first time. I won my ticket via a contest by Susan J. Morris–otherwise I might not have been able to afford to go this year (like every other year ;)).

What does one do to prepare for such a huge event? Well… I for one started by reading a guidebook, which I would argue is THE guidebook for all those both interested in or already familiar with Gen Con.

Author and game designer Matt Forbeck wrote a series of thrillers called Dangerous Games, which take place at Gen Con. Having attended the con since 1985, and being a guest of honor every year since 2003, I’d say arguably if anyone was suited to write a book about Gen Con, it would be him.

Reading the first book, Dangerous Games: How to Play was just plain FUN. It had the perfect amount of action to it, it never felt boring or slow. It was great to read outside while my son was playing, and I imagine it would make a great beach read (I’m not sure my geeky pallor would stand up to that much sun, however). I really enjoyed the cameos of real people in here mixed with the fictitious characters. What I especially liked was that it truly does seem like a primer for Gen Con! If a newbie picked up this book, I think they would definitely get a feeling for what they would be getting themselves into should they ever attend Gen Con (aside from, HOPEFULLY, the murder…).

A fun, non-intellectually taxing mystery read, with the right amount of action. And GAMING! Who could ask for a better summer read?

Right now, Dangerous Games: How to Play is available on Kindle for only $0.99! I also encourage you to read the sequel, Dangerous Games: How to Cheat because guess what? The third book, Dangerous Games: How to Win comes out TODAY!


Picture from Forbeck.com

Best of luck to Matt with his new release! And, wish ME luck as I embark on a 14 hour drive with an 11 year old in the backseat. The Chief usually loves traveling, but….


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