2013 Boston Comic Con–CONTEST!

Last weekend was the 2013 Boston Comic Con (redux). This was a special con, because it was my son’s very first–and he LOVED it.

The Chief dressed up as a Jawa, and was very excited to do so, since he had been waiting for this event since April (because of the Boston Marathon bombing, it had been postponed). As we walked along the pier of the Seaport/World Trade Center in Boston, he got so many waves and “Woo Tee Nee!”s that it really made his day. My costume started out as a base “burlesque” costume, which I heavily embellished until it became a Steampunk “Mistress of Keys” costume. I made my very first hat, which I was very pleased with.

We went to BCC for both days, and I’m glad we did. It was very nice to be able to walk around, rest a bit, walk some more. The Chief, once he realized we could do this, relaxed and really enjoyed things. He absolutely loved seeing all the other Star Wars costumes. Especially those that were part of the SW “static” display.

It was great getting to meet so many artists and writers who I had known from Facebook and online. I especially loved meeting and chatting with Christopher Golden, Mike Mignola, Yaya Han, the writer and artists of SKY PIRATES (all ages comic that looks like a lot of fun), Neal Adams (yeah, sorry about the lobster palm…I SWEAR I washed my hands after lunch!), Madeleine Holly-Rosing, and artist Kurt Einhaus (I wish I could have bought every piece). And I know I’m forgetting a whole lot of folks. Like the guys from Doctor Atlantis. It was also great running into friends! I left feeling inspired to work on my comics and art, which was both a good and bad thing (I have no time!).

Of course, for a ham like me, BCC (and other cons like it) is perfect to let my ego go free. “Can I take your picture?” I’m sorry…I love hearing those words. I heard them many times over the weekend. I liked that people were doing pieces on families at Comic Con, and so many people wanted pics of both me and my son together.

And of course, I got to do a couple of my favorite things: buy presents (only a couple…), and make a little mischief. All in good fun!

CONTEST!!!! Soooo…. if you could dress as any character, who would it be? OR if you could meet any artist or writer at a con, who would it be? And WHY? You have to say why or you are disqualified. Answer this question in the comments OR on my Facebook page, and you will be entered to win this signed (Mike Mignola and Dave Stewart), limited edition Hellboy 20 Years print.


And now, some photos…


Christopher Golden




Oh crap, it’s Lemongrab!!


Mike Mignola


Madeleine Holly-Rosing


The one on the right is mine 🙂

1017102_701290673219517_743847788_n   998575_700440176637900_1711102162_n   733748_701194086562509_449900358_n   577194_701802343168350_1511628949_n 17755_701816953166889_71445789_n 8656_701194226562495_127550488_n


Yaya Han 🙂


7 thoughts on “2013 Boston Comic Con–CONTEST!

  1. Tohru Fujisawa would be the person I’d most like to meet, if only because at a very weird dark time in my life, the GTO manga series was literally the only thing I had that was positive — I actually wrote him a letter back in the day regarding this. To this day, I consider that series a positive influence.

    • That’s awesome, Jeremy. And I think it’s great that you wrote to him–not enough people give their appreciation to artists and writers. We’re people too, and, you know, we have egos that need feeding from time to time ;). Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. think more than who do I want to cosplay, I’m going to have to answer who can I help my children cosplay? My answer for this is Hellboy. When my 3 year old fell In love with the character via the films, he asked if he could be Hell boy. So of course his momma Allison and I said yes and we both worked on bringing every detail to life right down to the make up. He love it and had so much fun. As for the “why”, for Jack it was to be a good guy AND a bad guy. For me, it was because when I was growing up, I didn’t have any to help me play dress up. So its not just about building costumes for our children, its for building them WITH our children. So no matter who or how difficult the costume might be, inspiring creativity and the look on our kids faces when they bring that character to life is worth all the work in the world.

    Enzo Zingales

  3. I think you’ve captured part of why I love costumes, too. I like to inspire my son to do creative things. If we work together on things, he is more likely to come up with awesome ideas of his own (like he thought of the gloves for his Jawa costume on his own, and wearing a brown shirt under so it wouldn’t show–he started paying attention to details). Also, when he sees me working so hard on something of my own, he sees that “oh, you have to work at it,” and when we work on his costumes, he is more likely to want to go the extra steps to make it great. He was inside of himself so much when he was younger, but now, he is becoming quite a cool little person, and it’s great that we can do so much together. 🙂

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