I wrote a thing…

…over at Nights of Passion. And soon I will write more here. Just trying to get things a little more under control. You’ll notice there have been some changes–I’m narrowing my focus a bit and concentrating on the things that matter to me, the things that I really enjoy, the projects I really want to work on. The past couple years have been full of experiments, some successful, some utter failures, and it’s time to move ahead and embrace who I am–who I am PROUD to be.


My next big project here will be to sort through old posts, dump things that aren’t relevant, and work on creating new and hopefully interesting content for you, my readers. Hopefully this is goodbye to the old lame blog (honestly…the pre-wordpress stuff kind of sucks, when I was still trying to find my feet) and hello to new and exciting things!


2 thoughts on “I wrote a thing…

  1. This business is full of learning curves. Kudos for sticking to it and evolving. Can’t wait to see what’s next for you, sweetie!

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