Well, the last couple weeks have been interesting to say the least!  I went to Seattle, where I won second place in the Emerald City Opener contest for His Roman Heart’s Desire.  I had two full manuscripts and one partial requested from me, and found a lead on another publisher who is actively interested in ancient Rome.  Then, I got an email telling me my flight home was canceled because of Hurricane Sandy.

Looking tres refined (and a bit devilish)
at the Emerald City Writers Conference
Not cool.
I wasn’t very worried about myself.  I have a few friends in the Seattle area, and so I crashed at my friend Jane’s house.  But I was pretty concerned about my son (who already has issues with separation anxiety) and husband.  Thank goodness, everyone pulled through.
Once I finally got home, I received word that I won third place in the SFA-RWA Heart to Heart contest, and I was also a finalist in Nashville’s Melody of Love contest for His Roman Heart’s Desire.  I also received an honorable mention for my romantic fantasy story “Brownie Points” in the Writers of the Future contest.
Oh, and did I mention I will be vice president of CTRWA next year?  Phew!
I’m in the midst of heavily revising HRHD, so much so that it can only be called a complete rewrite!  I feel really good about this, though, because I can already tell my changes make the story so much stronger.  This is my NaNoWriMo project–to rewrite HRHD so it will be ready in December.  Let’s hope that all the excitement of the past couple weeks will finally calm down and I can get back down to work!

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