Handling stress?

Heh, I woke up this morning with this horrible thought:

“I can’t do this!”

There are two very specific things going on in my life right now this pertains to.  Both of which I know I can handle (I can handle ANYTHING.  There may be some blood and tears, but sure, I can handle it!), but they are new situations for me, things I’ve never done before.  I’m at two transition points, and while I am a big fan of change–I like new things and having adventures–it’s stressful just the same.

Even Fritz gets anxious and depressed from time to time

There are things that can help anyone feeling stressed.  First, make sure your body is in good shape.  Eat right and get some exercise.  You’d be surprised at how much just those two things can help.  Feeling stressed is a physical reaction to your mind’s worries.  The better the condition of your body, the better it is prepared to cope with these reactions.  It’s also a cycle.  If your body feels better, your mind will, too.

Another thing that helps is thinking about what is stressing you so you can either take control of the situation, or so you can let go of things you can’t change.  For example, one thing that give me stress about an upcoming change is the fact that I don’t have a car.  The change is going to be more difficult without one.  But… I’m doing everything I can do about that.  I’m hoping that at some point in the next year, I can get one.  For now, I will just have to rely on the kindness of my husband.  Once I have a car, a lot of the stress of this particular thing will be alleviated.  Another thing that stresses me out a little is not knowing exactly what to do–I’m going to have a new position and holy smokes, I just have no clue.  Well, that is actually pretty easy–get learning.  I can contact the previous person in this position, and also learn by doing.  Once I started really thinking, OK, what am I stressed about EXACTLY, I found out that most of it was about the unknown.  So I just have to make those things “known.”  I also do know that I will have support.  If I really need help with something, there are people I can ask for help. If I went into something without support, what would I do?  I think I would probably create some sort of artificial support.  Tag someone and say, “You know, I’m ____ (fill in the blank with stressful situation), and I just need to know you are there for me.” It’s not even a person I want to physically help me with something, it’s a person that I know believes I can do this job, or at least believes that I’m an OK person ;).  Someone who is not going to ask, “Well, what the hell did you get yourself into this situation for, anyway?”  It’s not someone who will help you fix things, it’s just someone who you can say, “I know you can’t fix this, but I just need to get a few things off my chest.  Could you just listen for a couple minutes?”

One things that’s stressing me out this week (this is the smaller of the things)?  Pitching my novel this week.  But that’s something under my control.  I just need to prepare!

I hope all you ROW 80 folks are doing well so far this week.  It’s been a slow week for me productivity-wise; it’s always hard to write when I’m stressed out.  But hopefully things will settle down, and I will find a new routine to make everything work out.  The series on time management and goal setting is still in the works–I didn’t mean to leave everyone hanging with “time management pt. 1,” but things exploded a little, as they tend to do.  That’s what I get though, for breaking one of my cardinal rules: always be two steps ahead.  Usually when I’m stressed, it’s because I didn’t follow that rule!

But more on that later.


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