Wednesday Check-In, Writing Update

I didn’t make the finalist list for SYTYCW 2012, but hey.  At least I have a book as a result of it.  I’m going to polish it up and submit it.  Thank you everyone for your votes!

Now that I won’t be doing marathon writing (after what I just did, NaNo seems like a breeze!), hopefully I will get some more interesting and hopefully enlightening posts up here.

From now until the 22nd, I am hoping to work on the ending of this current book, and look the whole thing over on a big-picture scale to make sure things are well-balanced.  After that, I will be working on writing a pitch for this book, which should be too difficult because I already had to do that for a couple of contests.  I just have to change some things to adapt it to an “in person” format.  I will also be doing some quick outlining for my next novel, which I will start writing on November 1st.

Meanwhile, it’s getting cold, and it’s about time to say goodbye to my pretty roses for the winter.  Sigh….

Good luck to everyone, this week, with all of your goals, writing and otherwise.


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