Scrambling, #sytycw2012

A few days left to get those votes in to Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Write contest! Remember, you can vote once per day every day until October 11th.  I truly appreciate those who are supporting me in this endeavor.  CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR MY ENTRY.

The writing is still going well.  This weekend I’ve begun to do heavy editing, so I’m managing to add a bit to my word count that way, too.  Part of me really can’t wait until October 19th, when I can begin a new project.  I have so many plans for blog posts and other things that have to be on hold for right now.  My plan for this week is to edit during the day and write new words at night.

I have a fear that when I get around to editing chapter 8 or so, I will find a huge mess.  It can’t possibly be THAT bad, because the story is holding together, but still, that’s about where the real idea for the story became concrete, and I know there were places where I was experimenting a bit with plot lines and character conflicts.

The idea for my next story is becoming more and more clear.  I think a neat thing about this new story is that so many aspects of it are opposite those in this current one.  I feel really excited to work with new characters (one of whom has a role in my current story, possibly two).  But all of that must wait until after the first round of this contest is over!

Good luck to everyone, in the sytycw contest and ROW80 alike!


2 thoughts on “Scrambling, #sytycw2012

  1. Best wishes in the Harlequin contest! I'm in the middle of editing too, and it's always a little harder to feel that progress when editing than when writing. However, I like coming across passages that shine and fixing the ones that, well, suck…LOL. Hope you have a marvelous ROW80 week!

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