Re-organization and catching up

I’ve been trying to do some changes with the format of this blog, to figure out a posting schedule and a way to keep interesting content coming on a more regular basis.  Bear with me while I figure all this stuff out.  I’m also deep into writing my Roman historical romance novel, which hopefully you all can read soon.  The story has been getting some really good feedback, mostly ending with, “This must be published so I can read the whole thing!”  I’m deeply flattered by all of this, and will try my best!

I have yet to do a part 2 to the time management post–that is coming soon!

Part of the reason I haven’t been around is that it is harvest time for so many fruits and veggies. We’ve been busy canning and picking from various sources.  This will be winding down soon, and hopefully the house stuff will settle down.  Right now, we’re working on grape jelly–as soon as we grab more canning jars!  Here are the grapes in the earlier stages of being boiled down to pulp:

The house smelled divine last night while they were cooking.  The smell of real concord grapes has to be one of my favorites.
At the end of October, I’ll be in Seattle for the Emerald City Writing Conference.  In the spring there are two or three other conferences I’m thinking about attending.  
Happy writing/reading trails to you all!


5 thoughts on “Re-organization and catching up

  1. Alberta–we have apples and a few beans to work with. We didn't get the amount of preserving done as we wanted to. This summer has been kind of crazy, and I've had to sort of rework the way everything is scheduled. I guess that's what happens as kids get older and careers take different turns, etc. The good news is that I won't have to buy tomato sauce all winter!Julie–Ancient Rome is one of my favorite time periods, and I especially enjoy exploring the aspects that don't always get attention in the movies: the lives of the poor, the sides of politics that might not have come down to us as popular, etc. There is so much to explore and think about.

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