Author Interview: Gerri Brousseau!

Today is a special day!! I have Gerri Brousseau, author of A Pirate’s Ransom, here to answer a few questions.  I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Gerri for several months now, and I’m so happy to help celebrate the release of her debut novel.

Who is your favorite pirate of all time, either real or fictional?  
Gerri:  Oh, that’s easy, Captain Jack Sparrow hands down! (God I do love Johnny Depp.) 
Is anything about the writer’s life not what you had expected? What has surprised you the most?
Gerri: I enjoy every aspect of writing. I feared getting the edits from my publisher, but found I enjoyed doing those too! For where I am right now in my career, it is what I expected. What surprised me the most was getting the call. It came when I least expected it. 
By digging on your website, I found out that you have quite the adventurous streak in you. Tell us about your favorite real-life adventure.  
Gerri:  Yes, I am a bit of a thrill seeker. I have driven across the country, did a bungee jump, road a zip line, and I have done 56 skydives. Skydiving is oh so thrilling, and so far my favorite adventure. But at this point in my life I’m about to venture onto a new path, that of Grandmother, and I couldn’t be more thrilled over my beautiful granddaughter. Truth be told, I hope I have not yet experienced my favorite real-life adventure … you’ll have to stay tuned to find out.
What was it like, finding out that the dream of your book, A Pirate’s Ransom, was going to become a reality? 
Gerri:  Unbelievable! You start out with the glimmer of an idea. You nurture it and care for it as you would a child, then one day it grows up and blossoms into a novel. You send it out into the world and bite your nails waiting. Will I get another rejection? Will someone out there like my work? And then, you get “the call” and it’s very exciting for sure, but one of the most thrilling experiences for me to date was getting my cover art. I knew I wrote the book, but to actually see my name on the cover made it real. When I first saw that beautiful cover, I was so overwhelmed, I cried. 
You’ve made a gorgeous book trailer. Any comments on the process of making that?
Gerri: Aw thank you so much! I had admired other author’s trailers, but had no clue how to make one, so I Googled “How do you make a book trailer” and found out how. I downloaded “Movie Maker” and just put it together. It was pretty easy, just very time consuming. I can’t say whether it will help sell books, but it was so much fun to make that I’m already thinking about making one for my next book. 
What inspired you to write about pirates?
Gerri:  I have always loved the romance of being swept away by pirates and wanted to try my hand at it. I had an idea about my dashing rogue and I just sat down and let my fingers fly over the keyboard. The more I wrote about that handsome rake, the more I fell in love with him. Then when Soul Mate Publishing sent me the cover art and I found out cover model, Jimmy Thomas had been chosen to breathe life into my Pirate Captain, Edmund Drake, I was delighted. This is the first time I’m actually talking about it, but I have an idea for another pirate book, but for now … that has to wait. 

You have a couple of adorable pugs. Do they have any fun stories of their own? How do they contribute to your writing life? 
Gerri:  Ah, the pugs. Those two clowns are a huge part of my life and great company for me.  They love to sit with me on the recliner while I type on the laptop. Pugs have such a cute personality, and my two are no exception. The female, Mimi, is more hyper. She doesn’t like to allow my little male into her personal space. She reminds me of the kids in the back seat screaming, “Mom, he’s looking at me … he’s touching me!” Then we have Milo who is my little laid back dude. Nothing fazes him, so they are good together. The funniest thing about them is that I dress them up in complimentary costumes and I walk them around the neighborhood on Halloween. I carry a plastic pumpkin full of candy and any child who stops to visit the pugs is given a candy bar. They are quite a hit in the neighborhood. They’re such characters that I am actually giving some thought to writing them into one of my next books. 
I for one am always looking for ways to fiddle with my writing process to make it more streamlined. I have a busy life, and I value any suggestions on how to be more productive, as I’m sure many writers do. Do you have any secrets? What is your process like?
Gerri:  No secrets. I get an idea and I jot down a very loose outline, and when I say loose, I mean it – it’s beginning, middle (turning points) and end … then I just sit down and let the characters tell their stories. I’m a panster. One of the things that helped me tremendously was Peter Andrew’s workshop on writing fast. I wrote A Pirate’s Ransom in four weeks and since that time, I have written a subsequent novella in the same way. You can’t go back and edit – you just write, write, write. It works wonderfully for me and I would highly recommend that every writer take that workshop.
Anything cool in the works now?
Gerri: I have a second book, “According to Legend” which will be released by Soul Mate Publishing in November and I’m really excited about that. Legend is actually the very first novel I wrote. I have read a lot of authors say that their first novel is in a box under the bed and that it is so horrible it would never be printed, so I’m ecstatic that Legend is going to be published. I have also submitted two subsequent novels to Soul Mate for consideration and at this time I await their response.  Right now, I’m in the process of writing a thriller, which is something new for me. I do want to say that I think one of the coolest things for me is to now be able to help new writers make their dream come true. I had some really great mentors and I love being able to now pay it forward. It’s so rewarding to have someone tell me that something I said made a difference to them. 
There is a little something I would like to tell your readers. I’m having a contest! Visit my website and click on “Claim the Ransom” for instructions on how to enter for your chance to sail away with the treasure … yes, a real treasure. The contest will run until 12/31/12 when one lucky reader will be named. Be sure to check out my website for details.
If your readers would like to venture into dangerous waters and chance being captured by Pirates, here is the link where they can purchase my novel and meet that handsome rogue, Captain Edmund Drake.
You can also find A Pirate’s Ransom on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!
Thanks for joining us!  I hope you all enjoy reading A Pirate’s Ransom!
Other news: ROW 80–I’m in the process of re-outlining my novel, and will start/continue the actual writing on Sept. 1.  It’s going to be a busy month!

11 thoughts on “Author Interview: Gerri Brousseau!

  1. Thanks, Marian. According to Legend comes out in November, so you won't have long to wait. Glad you loved Pirates. I loved writing it. By the way … For those of you who may not know this, Marian has a debut novel coming out on 9/7 called, If I Fail/A Jake Carrington Mystery so let's keep our eye out for that.

  2. Can you believe Gerri jumped out of airplanes?? I loved your book. It was fun, romantic, and adventurous! I can't wait to read Legend. Give those cute little pugs a hug from me too!

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