Outrageous confessions! A review

This week I finished reading Marguerite Kaye’s Outrageous Confessions of Lady Deborah.  It was released by Harlequin Historical at the beginning of this month–if you want a paperback of your very own from the bookstore, you have about a week and a half left to grab one!  Otherwise, you can order it from Harlequin or your favorite online bookseller.  It is also available electronically.  You can order and read the back cover copy here.

Not only is there a great romance here, with both characters growing and discovering themselves as their love grows for the other, but there is a timely message.  A cause that is near and dear to my heart is caring for veterans, especially for those who have risked their lives serving their countries, only to return, scarred both inside and out, to have their countries turn their backs on them.  Our veterans in the US do not receive the care they deserve.  There are so many homeless veterans suffering from mental illness and/or physical handicaps.  It is very difficult for them to find work, and more difficult for them to find the healthcare they need.  Even with the various organizations, it is not enough.  VA clinics and hospitals are too few and far between, and there is not enough money to properly fund them.  It doesn’t matter if you support any of the wars we’ve had, or don’t support them. One thing is certain: these men and women are entitled to our care.  Very few soldiers WANT to go to war.  No one WANTS to leave their children, their families, especially not for the length of some of the tours I’ve been hearing about.  No one wants to have PTSD or lose limbs.  These men and women did what their country asked them to do.  The least we can do is care for them when they return.  This topic is touched upon in Outrageous Confessions.   The hero and heroine of this book use their talents and wits to do good for the veterans of the peninsular war of the Regency period.  I was very touched by this.

This book was not serious all the time, and this heavy topic was dealt with in a way appropriate for a romance novel.   There was humor tossed about throughout the book, and I laughed aloud at least a couple times.  It was very well balanced.  The secret identities of the two main characters were fun aspects of the story; it was interesting to see how each of them used those identities, and to watch these two characters grow as people.

You can find Marguerite Kaye at www.margueritekaye.com


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