The goal is to write 8400 words per week.  If I can do that, I should have no problem finishing this novel by mid-October.  Not only do I have to finish this novel–I have to make it GOOD.  The fact that my novel is not set in England/Ireland/Scotland makes it a harder sell.  To some publishers, it may be an impossible sell.  It is the story that is in my heart, however, so that is the one I am going to tell.  If a story is well-written, and is a good story, it may off-set the risk the publisher might feel they are taking on a setting that is different.  And again, some agents/editors are more receptive to different things than others.

I’m still trying to raise money to offset the costs of my trip to Seattle, where I will be attending the GSRWA’s Emerald City Writers’ Conference.  You can support my cause by visiting my Etsy shop, Monkeys on a Mission.  Here is one of the monkeys waiting for a home:


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