OK, back to work!

Ugh, holiday weeks, especially those that happen mid-week, suck the life out of me!  I spend the entire week trying to figure out what day it is.  Needless to say, it has not been the most productive of weeks, but I feel like I’m recovering (of course, vacation is in a couple weeks, so that will mess things up again!).

This is kind of how I’ve been feeling

I’ve been trying to figure out how I want to tackle this SF story.  So far, the best solution seems to be to start from the beginning, get it to where I want it to be (there are a lot of changes I need to make) and then when I reach the end of what I have, just start writing the ending.  When that draft is done, I will go over it once more and make sure everything is how it should be.  If there was not so much that needed changing, I would probably start where I left off last time.  But there is a crazy amount of editing that needs to be done, and characters that need to go away. My MC is feeling a little too secure with herself and her place in the world. I need to throw a big wrench in her works.

I’m waiting very patiently to hear news about two of my stories, and I’m reminded why it is a really good thing to have many stories on the market at once.  So I’d better get writing!

By Wednesday, I’d really like to have the first 10k words of this sf story edited (I’m doing by hand, so I might need a couple days after that to type in changes).  Starting next Sunday, I definitely want to be able to start writing new words, and will hopefully finish this draft of the story by the time vacation rolls around!

James Scott Bell has an interesting post today on seven things writers need to do right now.  What do you need to work on?


3 thoughts on “OK, back to work!

  1. Good luck with everything! I tend to procrastinate a bit, so I always need to have some motivators around in the way of post-it notes with little hand written messages on them.

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