Third Quarter Writing Intentions

One thing I’ve learned is that being accountable makes a difference.  This is why, even though my goals don’t always work out, I try to state some at the start of every quarter (and ROW 80 helps with that!).  I don’t always achieve my goals, and often the goals change depending on life circumstances and whatnot, but it gives me something to shoot for.

Queen Elizabeth has been productive this summer

My productivity goals are simple: write for 1-2 hours per night, five nights per week.  And I mean write.  None of this “writing related stuff” business.  Plot and develop characters during the day.  Do business related stuff during the day.  Those couple hours at night are reserved for putting words on the page (and when a story is done, they can also be used for editing).  This has worked very well for me the past month.  I’ve stopped writing by word count.  It doesn’t work for me, all it does is cause frustration.  If I really write during those hours at night, I do as well if not better than many professional writers.

My project goals:  I think it will depend on the length of the things I’m working on.  I have at one short story and one novelette in the planning stages now.  I have a novella in the works as well.  I would love to get all three of those projects completed by the end of the quarter, the end of September.  But I would be happy with getting two of them done–I won’t beat myself up.  I have a vacation in July, where I suspect I won’t be getting much writing done (about a week).  And I’m sure there will be days when my creativity fails.  So realistically, two projects are my real goal, with a third reserved if I finish.  The finale at the end of September will be submitting one of these projects to Writers of the Future.

So, good luck to my fellow writers, and hope everyone has a productive quarter!!


2 thoughts on “Third Quarter Writing Intentions

  1. I am with you when it comes to writing by word count. While I know it works for so many, it just doesn't work for me, either. Like you, I am more successful in setting aside an amount of time. I really like the approach you're taking with this round as it is practical but most of all, it seems to fit who you are as a writer. Best to you in this round and in all of your writing.Karen

  2. Thank you, Karen! It has taken me years to find out what really works for ME, vs. what the books and other writers say works for them. I believed when people told me, "this is how you need to to do it, because it WORKS. Look at my output." Yes, it might work splendidly for them, but that doesn't mean it will work for anyone else. I agree that beginning writers can always benefit from trying things out, but always with the assumption that if it doesn't work, it doesn't mean there is anything wrong with the writer–that method just wasn't a good fit.Good luck to you!

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