In response to Dreams…

I just wrote this response to DeAnna Knippling’s blogpost about Saying Goodbye to Older, More Serious, Dreams, and thought I might share it with you all, too:

Wow, something must be in the air, or there’s some kind of astrological things going on, because I have been going through the exact same thing.  I’ve been trying for years to write what I thought I should write (and I’m not even talking literary stuff, just things like, as you said, epic fantasy and science fiction of that nature as well).  When I found that, while I COULD write that stuff, it wasn’t what was inside me, I turned to historical romance, thinking, well, that can be deep and moving too.  Heck, it can be practically intellectual at times.  But again, it wasn’t what was in my heart.  Then an idea for a story popped into my mind, and I was so excited about it.  I decided to just run with it and not look back, and not look around to see who was looking–I would just write it.  And the excitement didn’t go away (I tend to have project ADHD, if you know what I mean).  I’m still excited about it, and other ideas that came from that one.  

We are SO lucky to live in these times where we have options.  We don’t have to cater to what publishers want, what they think will and will not sell, etc.  All we need to do is write a damn good story, and if the big guys don’t want it, we can either go to a smaller press or publish it ourselves.

Stay true to who you are.  There is no one like you, and no one else can write like you either.  Take advantage of that and knock our socks off with the stories from your heart, not the stories that you think we might like more.

I meant to say, at the end of the first paragraph, that these stories, the ones I was and am passionate about, seem to write themselves, and while at times I do feel funny talking about them around certain people, I realize that that is a problem of the company I was keeping, not the stories.  Now, I am in with some very cool people, who are not judgmental, who are supportive and fun to be with.  I believe it was our very recent late Ray Bradbury who recommended that we surround ourselves with positive people, and lose the folks who are nay sayers.  I can’t stress the truth of this enough.

Think about your dreams, and ask yourself, Are these truly MY dreams? Or are they the dreams I think I should have?

I hope everyone has a happy and productive weekend!!


6 thoughts on “In response to Dreams…

  1. Couldn't agree more. I've had to cut down on my interaction with negative energy and it has done wonders for my writing and my life in general. Writing is about truth. If you can't put truth on the page, you won't have a worthy story. When I say truth, I'm not just referring to the truth in your heart as a person (which counts big time) but the truth of what you are meant to write. I found this post inspiring.

  2. Thank you! I stretched my designing capabilities, but I think it came out rather nice.I know of some people who departed from what they loved to write in order to make a living, or in order to fit into a certain mold. I suppose it has to do with your motivations. Some of these folks are happy. I just don't think I have it in me. I've tried several times, to no avail.I don't know that in the "publishing world" there is a huge calling for fantasy romance/romantic fairy stories, but who knows. And I"m sure I will still work on my historical romance, because I like the stories I came up with. But I love the rush of working on something that I truly enjoy :).Thanks for visiting!

  3. Amen! One of my biggest problems, too, is worrying about what others will think, because to me, my voice sounds "weird." But hey, I'll never know until I actually write the stories, right?

  4. I've always thought you were a strong writer with a unique voice. Who cares if there's a huge calling or not? Maybe you'll bring people to it. 🙂

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