Roses and Chris…

Since today is the anniversary of Christopher Marlowe’s untimely death, I thought it would be the perfect time to share this from my garden:

It has been a good week for the roses, but last night we had some really heavy rain that knocked many of them off.  However, just before the storm I went out and caught most of them on “film.”

Graham Thomas

Either Blue Girl or Sterling Silver (with dianthus next to it) 
Jacob’s Robe



We seem to be having a great rose year so far.

The writing has been going really well.  I’ve been getting some amount of writing done every day, and it’s starting to add up.  I’m hoping to be done with this draft by mid to late August, which seems to be very doable.  I just have to stick with it.  Doing the workshop makes that easier, but when the workshop is over, things like vacations and so forth are happening, which always throws a wrench in the writing routine.  That’s where self-discipline comes in, I guess!

OK, one more, not a rose, but my favorite peony, raspberry sundae:


2 thoughts on “Roses and Chris…

  1. This is a great post. Have you seen Anonymous? It's the new film claiming that Shakespeare never wrote his plays. Kit Marlow features in the film too.

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