Baby Lambs, People!!

The reason I love going to Old Sturbridge Village this time of year:

They are just too cute.  But I never am able to get REALLY good pictures of them.
I had a great photo op, but by the time I put the proper lens on the camera, the lambs moved. Ah, well.
The babies are friendly and cute. I love to watch them run around, and I especially love to watch the mothers.  The feelings of motherhood seem to be universal among several species, human and sheep in this case.  I see everything from snuggling to nudging along, to “Oh, where is that kid now?”
And of course, there are the pigs, which are like giant grunting dogs.  Last year we got them going so that they would grunt and wag their tails when we came over talking “piggy talk” to them.  
We also learned a lot about water power, as we had our own personal tour of the mills (it was a weekday and rainy, so we basically had the place to ourselves after the school groups left).  I love that my son asks so many intelligent questions.  I feel like I must be doing something right!
For a few years now I’ve felt there is a novel in me about early New England.  It hasn’t shaped up yet, and I need to finish the Rome novels first, but it’s in there somewhere!
This week and next week I think are “wool days” at the Village.  Which, for someone who loves yarn and fiber in general, is pretty exciting too!


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