When the going’s good….

I’m all but done with the first scene of my novel (gosh, those nobel plans at the beginning of ROW 80 certainly seem… well, NOBLE now).  I want to get a very short scene done between today and tomorrow, so I can submit it to my workshop.  Plus I need to polish up my first page to submit to the cold reads session at the CTRWA Fiction Fest!

Things I’ve learned: This workshop has been so helpful so far.  I think I have skimped a lot on the preliminary work needed to be done when writing a book or story, and that’s why I’ve had these huge messes.  I’ve written 5 complete novels before this, but none of them have been publishable.  I haven’t even tried to submit them, because I know that they are missing something.  Maybe they can be fixed someday, but right now that’s not the point. I think the point is that I was missing the cohesive element to the novels.  I had skipped that step and so there was something wrong with the continuum of the stories.  This time, I am aware of this.  I feel like the story is more whole.  I’m getting a slower start than I thought I would, but i think it is worth it.  And the important thing is that I was realistic all along about when I wanted this to be finished.  I think October is still a very reasonable goal.  Sure, I wanted to be done by July, and maybe I still can do that.  But I’m not going to push it.  Having a good story in the end is the important thing, not how fast I can write it.

On another note, Jamie Pope over at Writing Secrets of 7 Scribes has a good article on What to Wear to a Writer’s Conference.  Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “When the going’s good….

  1. Hi Melanie, time is always an issue. I know I am not alone, but I just cannot get this manuscript done.Maybe I will be inspired after Fiction Fest to put aside my busy life and write away. I am looking forward to the conference. You? Thanks for the post. and I did read Jamie's post about how to dress for a writer's conference. She was right on target.

  2. Gail–I am excited. It's been a year since my last conference (the LAST Fiction Fest, in fact), and I feel like I've developed so much as a writer since then. I was still on the fence between writing science fiction and romance last year. This year I've finally taken the plunge into romance, and I am enjoy every minute of it!

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