I’m not loving my nose this week.  It is so itchy and tickly… Even with medicine, the most I can say is that I am not sneezing my head completely off.

I’ve had two goals going.  One was a fitness goal, the other a writing goal, and neither of them is doing well.  I am making progress, but it’s a lot slower than I thought.  The entire problem lies in not being motivated enough to follow my schedule.  And the house is a mess.  Blah.

So…What to do? Well, first I have to look at my schedule again and figure out WHY it’s not working.  Is it me, or is it the schedule?  I honestly am starting to think that I just need to get myself an alarm clock.  That would be step one.  I haven’t used an alarm in years, but I will say that in the past, I’ve never been one to argue with an alarm clock. I respect its authority.  Well, sure, I’ve yelled at the clock, and said some not nice things to it, but I get up when it tells me to.

Second, I’ve been spending way wayyyy too much time just sitting there, perusing the internet, hoping that someone will say something exciting.  Yeah, it hasn’t happened yet.  I have to give up.  I have this weird fear that I will have a set internet time, and that time will just totally miss everyone I want to “see” or that everything I say will get lost in the aether.  Or that someone will reply to me and I won’t see it right away, and what if it’s important…

Yeah.  No.  I need to set a time for internet and stick to it.  Rehab.

The third thing is a bit more difficult.  It’s trying to balance everything.  Family, playing, homeschooling, keeping house, all that stuff.  I HATE cleaning.  Actually, it’s not the cleaning that I mind so much, it’s the STUFF that I have to clean up before I actually clean.  I think it’s time for another round of decluttering.  Because as much as I hate cleaning, it really clogs my creativity when there is a mess.

I’m going to get this schedule thing straightened out, because I know another part of it is just spring fever, and it’s temporary.

So, what HAVE I accomplished?  I critiqued four scenes for my workshop. I have worked through the conflict in my story.  I have written some…but not nearly the amount I wanted to!

For the rest of this week:  Get alarm clock.  Fix schedule.  Go on internet rehab.  WRITE.  Oh, and get on the exercise bike!


4 thoughts on “Sneezy

  1. Oh, I laughed so much at "I respect it's authority." I am apparently very disrespectful. When I have an alarm clock, I stuff it under pillows and throw it across the room, usually after beating the snooze button multiple times. If I don't use one, then I just wake up on time. Weird.Good luck with getting everything straightened out and finding that perfect balance. See you Sunday!

  2. If you can get up with an alarm clock, more power to you, Melanie. I have a slightly different issue with alarms than you or Lauren. I can't sleep with one on. I spend all night cat-napping because I know it's going to make noise and wake up everyone in the house…and I desperately want to turn it off as soon as I can.But as for finding balance… Oh. I understand THAT perfectly. I wish you lots of luck in your search. And when you've hit on the perfect formula, please share?

  3. Not a fan of alarm clocks, either, and just gave up on them. If you find that perfect balance, you will have found the gold at the end of the rainbow, I suspect, but do share what works. Clearly, you have a lot of company in both the time and cleaning fields.Hope you feel better, physically, which will be a help. We're with you!Karen

  4. I get that same feeling of, "missing the good stuff," when I'm not online. It's like not being in the room when the best part of the conversation happens. There are so many things to juggle in a creative life, aren't there? I can relate to so much of what you express in your post. I know what you mean about clutter being creatively clogging. I use a kitchen timer to clean in short 10 minute bursts, then I return to my writing for 20 or 30 minutes. This calms down my clutter anxiety and keeps me from sitting too long at a time. Anyway, nice meeting you via the #row80 linky. See ya 'round the internet!~Tui

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