Rainy Sunday, Busy Sunday

It’s raining–the sort of day where I should have been able to add a lot of words to my WIP.  Unfortunately (for my book, anyway!), my son had a playdate and we kind of slacked off and wandered around the mall afterwards.

I’ve been working hard, but since a lot of it is for my workshop, it doesn’t quite align with my goals.  I am going to rewrite some of my goals to go along with my workshop, so that way I won’t be ripping my hair out trying to justify things!

This week I put a lot of work into character development and wrote two diary entries–one from my hero’s POV, one from my heroine’s.  I feel a lot more comfortable being in my characters’ shoes now.

I mentioned this on my Facebook page, but I got a wonderful rejection letter, dripping with praise for one of my short stories.  Unfortunately, the magazine could not use my story, it wasn’t quite a good fit, but they really liked it and thought it was well written.  There was an entire paragraph of praise, and it certainly made me feel good!

I have to write/edit 3750 words by May 1st, and also need to critique other people’s work by then for my workshop.  So that is what I will be busy doing!


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