MORE voices in my head

I’ve been working on my characters, as part of the online workshop I am doing under Leigh Michaels’s tutelage. I’m enjoying the workshop a great deal, and am so glad I decided to do it. It’s so refreshing to actually work with people and chat with them about a common interest (other than kids!).

I am going to have to revise my goals. With the workshop, there is no way I will be able to keep up with the goals I set in my original goal post (before I knew about the workshop). That’s OK, though, I think I can shift things a few weeks and still be “safe.” My main goal is to finish my manuscript before October. That should be easy. There was a contest with a July deadline I was hoping to catch, but that might not happen. It’s too early to tell. I can still try, though. I will just need to cut out the in-between editing weeks, which I thought were rather superfluous, but provided a bit of a cushion. But the workshop is going to be my main focus for a while. I want to get everything I can from it.
For those of you who would like to see the characterization worksheet I am working on (a blank one, not mine ;)), here is a link to it. I’m finding it useful. I like how answering all these questions makes you think of things that you may not have before, and how suddenly your character can pop to life. Especially in romance, a lot of your plot can be derived from your characters, in examining who they are and how they change. I would encourage you not to skip this step. It might seem like a waste of time if you think you have your character in your head, but I promise you, if you really put your all into doing the character sketch, you will learn a lot about your character you didn’t before. All these little tidbits of info add up to make a character who is emotionally true, and who has motivations to do the things s/he does.

3 thoughts on “MORE voices in my head

  1. You seem very in touch with what you need and where to place your focus – and I love talking about my kids, too – they are really cool people to know! =)I learn a lot about my characters by writing flash fiction for them. =)Happy ROWing!

  2. Glad you are enjoying the workshop and it is helping you. Sounds like its quite interesting. I'm currently trying to get into my characters heads at the moment as well. Turns out it takes time. Better to change your goals than to rush the process. Happy writing!

  3. I understand what you are saying, Melanie. And you are right–asking all those question does seem like it's more work than needed, but it's a;most always work you're glad to do.I can't vouch for the class though. I have never tried an online class. But I can see how any of these things can interfere with goals. Good for you in deciding to "make it work".

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