A slight adjustment… #ROW80

Well, now. I decided to partake in a 10 week romance writing workshop with writer Leigh Michaels, which should basically last the entire remainder of this round of ROW 80. It was something I agonized over for a little while, as I wasn’t sure I was ready for a commitment like this, but at the last minute I decided to go for it. She was one of my first writing mentors, about 8 years ago, and I am looking forward to working with her again very much. This shouldn’t affect my goals for ROW 80 too much; I’m still going to be writing, and I still VERY much want to finish this novel by July. But I’ll have a few things to do on top of that, because I also want to put my all into this class.

I finished making my schedule, and surprised myself by finding quite a bit of writing time in my day. I fell behind a bit with my word count because before last night, I didn’t have those times carved out, but now, I look forward to using them to their full extent :).
This weekend, I have lunch and a workshop with Julia Quinn, and next month is the CTRWA’s annual Fiction Fest.

3 thoughts on “A slight adjustment… #ROW80

  1. Hi Melanie:I love taking writing courses. It means so much more when they come from someone who has previously influenced you. Good luck!I've struggled setting my schedule lately since my work and school work have been all over the place. I'm glad someone else could get it set up!Good luck to you on this upcoming week!

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