Discovery… #ROW80

I’ve been working hard at the “discovery” phase of novel writing, and I should be done with my outline tonight. I had intended on making a story board type thing, with index cards and everything, but for some reason, all those cards made me feel panicky. The format really bothered me; even though I would be putting the cards up on a bulletin board, I didn’t feel like I could see the whole, big picture at once. It was to big, too spread out, too…. I don’t know. But it didn’t work for me at all. That’s OK, though, because it’s all part of the learning process. Try something new, if it doesn’t work, stick with what works. In this case, it is a plotting worksheet I got from a writing workshop once upon a time. This worksheet really works well for me because it is “simple” enough, yet it really makes me think and pulls details out that I might not have thought of otherwise. So I will be done with that tonight (the black moment is giving me a little bit of a hard time, but I’m getting there). Tomorrow, I think I can start writing in earnest, as scheduled.

Speaking of schedules, I almost have our household schedule wrangled into shape, so that I have plenty of writing time built into the day (and night). So far, so good!
Hope everyone had a good week, and that the next one goes smoothly as well!

2 thoughts on “Discovery… #ROW80

  1. Sounds like you are learning/recognizing methods that do and don't work. This is very important to the writing process and is something to be very proud of. Good job this week!

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