Plotting, plotting…. #ROW80

Nothing much to report, here. Spring seems to be in full swing. Tried to go to the garden center yesterday, but they closed at 4, minutes before I arrived. They didn’t have much anyway, from the look of things, but I am really antsy to play in my gardens. I’ve been having some visitors in my garden wall, however. According to my snake expert friend, they were having a little romance of their own (all five of them…). This picture was taken after things settled down a bit.

I’ve been working on my plot, and made a few discoveries along the way. I had an epiphany about my “black moment,” especially as it pertains to the romance genre in general. Something that I “knew”, one of those unsaid rules, just clicked into place and I suddenly understood it for the first time. My understanding, however, feels very tentative, so I’m not going to try to explain it right now. It’s like a fish–if I try to grasp it too firmly, it will slip away!
I’m still hoping that by Sunday, I will have the outline/storyboard done. I also would like to get ahold of my schedule; it seems that things have gotten out of control again. What else is new though, right?
For those that missed my goal post, here it is 🙂.

4 thoughts on “Plotting, plotting…. #ROW80

  1. Adorable picture! I hear you on gardening. The weather hasn't been pleasant here, still waiting for spring, but we went to the nursery on the weekend and while there wasn't much in bloom, it still made me want to get planting and get my hands in the dirt!I hope plotting goes smoothly for you this week 🙂

  2. They're adorable! What are those?I love those clicks that bring understanding. Good luck on getting your outline/storyboard done by Sunday. And if you figure out how to get that schedule under control and behaving itself, let me in on your secret!

  3. Kim, they are garter snakes. We often have them here and there around the yard and on the stone wall, but this year, I think we win the prize. It seems there are at least six of them in the wall now.I might do a future post on schedules, and how to make one that works (I homeschool a child with special needs, so things can get kind of crazy).Thanks for the well wishes, ladies!

  4. Read through your goals and agree that one great thing about ROW80 is we get to see how other writers write. It's rather inspiring as well as getting us to create our own goals. Am most impressed with your "take charge" attitude with your novel. While you wait for the weather to change, perhaps you will have yet another epiphany. Good luck!Karen

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