I submitted two stories yesterday, one a literary short, the other a science fiction novelette. Hopefully at least one finds a home. If not, I’ll keep looking!
I am in the process of outlining a romance novel (and I am not going to give more details than that, because nothing will block me faster than feeling like I am pressured to do something very specific). I want to be able to start writing on April 1st, and have a really prolific month. My goal is to have at least one book to pitch at the NJRWA conference in October. I’ve been writing for a long time, it’s about time I have some longer works to show for it. I love writing short stories, but something about a novel is so satisfying. I have written a few “practice” novels, trying to discover the process, how to write the beginning, middle, and end, etc. But I’ve never tried to get one of those published, probably because I knew they kind of stunk. As I said, they were practice. I feel like now is the time to really get my hands dirty and get to work.
Also in April, I think I will be heading down to CT to attend a lunch and workshop with Julia Quinn, sponsored by the CTRWA chapter. I will be attending the CTRWA conference in May, too. Quinn’s The Duke and I was the first romance I read as a writer, it opened doors for me. I’m so excited to be able to meet another of my romance writing heroes!
In a week or so (maybe a few days…) I will be writing a blog post entitled, “Why romance?” It’s spawned by something my husband said to me the other day. “I like when you write romance,” he said. I just kind of smirked and was about to roll my eyes, expecting some sort of… well, husbandish comment ;). But instead, he said, “You’re happy.” And really, I am happy when I work on romance. I get to work with and interact with such wonderful people. And the stories themselves are happy. But enough of that for now. In anticipation of June, and because all my plants are growing like crazy, I give you Jacob’s Robe, from last summer:


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