Rolling ’em out

I’ve been a little absent with the blog. I think it’s because I have no structure with it; I write a post whenever I have a whim. I’m thinking that perhaps a weekly update might be a good idea, that way I have something constructive to say (enough time between posts) and then I can post things in between, if I wish.

I finished writing a novelette, I need to go through it though and change POV from third person to first. I had it in first to begin with, but then had a doubt for some reason and changed it. I have to learn to just go with my gut about these things. I also have to kind of work with the ending, to make sure it is all it can be.
I’m going to start going through my idea file and writing the novels that are in there. Then I can move on to new ideas, and my head won’t be so crowded with all these characters trying to get my attention. That’s the theory, anyway. A lot of these stories are romance, which I haven’t written in a little while, so I’m actually pretty excited to get back into it. I’m also planning on going to a couple conferences this year, but we’ll see how they fit into the budget. I have three conferences that I really enjoy, and my goal is to go to those three every year, and maybe one more random one thrown in there per year.
Well, hi ho, off to work I go!

2 thoughts on “Rolling ’em out

  1. YAY! I told Geri I would really try. Hopefully the train is not too much. Hopefully by then I will have at least one completed novel to pitch!! I'm going to try to go to the extra workshop too, usually I've found they have been worth it. 🙂

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