Can’t think of a title right now.

I had a goal of writing 5,000 words this weekend. So far I am doing great, I’m over halfway there. This draft of my story is probably going to be close to 10k words when all is said and done, but I won’t be surprised if about a third of that gets cut. I wrote a lot of backstory in there mostly for my benefit. I’m going to have to go back through and weave it in a bit more and get rid of the stuff that doesn’t move the story forward.

I actually did not find it extremely hard to get the words in this weekend, which leads me to believe that there is no reason I can’t do this every weekend (maybe 4k rather than 5k words, though, I don’t know). Also, I can have an actual word goal every day, rather than a time goal. 500 words is really easy for me to get through on most days. I think 1000 is probably the right way to go. It’s hard but not too hard. If I set goals that are too easy, I tend to get really lazy about them.
So, this week. I MUST finish this draft of my story TODAY. Maybe tomorrow if absolutely necessary. Then I need to read over it, make a few minor adjustments, and send it out to be critted by some trusted readers. Meanwhile, I can get to work finishing a fantasy story I had started a while back. This story I am going to indie publish; it’s just the wrong length for the fantasy magazines out there, and it’s not the kind of story that I think would do well in Writers of the Future. I also need to crit a few stories, including a novel by a friend. Phew! Then of course, after I get my story critiqued, I will work on some changes there, too.
I’ve been having some paradigm shifts, and I really feel like I am getting back to the place I WAS a few years ago, before life started going nuts. I think my writing life hasn’t been normal since 2007. Right at the point things started to go really well for me, everything exploded (moving, special needs, family stuff, etc). Ah, well. C’est la vie, right? The only thing to do is look forward (other than looking back to see what went wrong so it doesn’t happen again!). I’m back to feeling like this is a profession, rather than something I just “do.”

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