When the dog bites, When the bee stings…

Uh oh, I’d better watch out. If SOPA/PIPA passes, that title might get me screwed.

Yesterday was NOT the best of days. In fact, it was the worst in quite a while. But, I did not let it beat me. After the Chief (my son) went to bed, I sat down and wrote 1665 words in my new science fiction story. I extended my deadline a little. I am going to try to have this thing done by Monday (originally I wanted it done by Saturday). I just need the weekend to get a big chunk done. I know I’ll need a full day to make sure everything is in order, and to make sure everything says what it should be saying. My manuscript is about 3,300 words so far, and I think in the end it will be about 6k or so. Maybe a bit more. A have a bunch of it written in longhand, and so typing that up won’t be hard. I think I’m getting a more clear view of my process. What I do in longhand could be considered my version of an outline. It is written like a story, but it is bare bones. When I type it up, I add in at least twice as many words in details and characterization, setting stuff, etc. One thing I’ve been determined to do this year is to get a hold of MY writing process, not what every one else does. So far, I am pleased to see that it is working.
I’ve been getting my hour of writing in. As I said, I am going to work on doing two hours, which I did do last night. If I try doing 1,000 words and two hours, I think it is very doable. In the process of finding more writing time, I am going to start 1) limiting my internet time somehow, and 2) not watching movies with the husband every night. I LIKE watching movies with him, but he has his music to work on, and I have my writing. We can do weekend movies or something.
I’m planning on doing some posts about simplicity in the future, because I think it has a direct impact on being able to have time for everything that is important, and also, on BALANCE and not letting one area of life completely consume everything. I think this is important to people even when they do not have an ASD kid, or homeschool, or things that consume my time. Everyone has something that seems to take over, not allowing them to have any time for themselves. I’d like to share what works for me.
Now, back to work!

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