It’s only Wednesday?

I woke up this morning convinced it was Thursday. Meaning, one day closer to Friday. Ah, well.

My ROW 80 goals are going very well so far. I’ve been writing every night. I’m expecting a hang-up to come when I need to start typing all this stuff out, but maybe that can happen on the weekend when my husband is able to watch my son for a while and keep him amused. It’s going to be a shift from writing all new words at night to typing/editing words during the day and writing new words at night (separating things like this will hopefully keep the two sides of my brain in their proper place). It also means that I might be working on two stories at once, which I haven’t done in a while. Really, though it depends on how things go. I’m thinking that when I type the story up, it will be a right-brained process because I’ll be writing stuff IN, like details, and things that I left out in the rush of getting the first draft down. If that is the case, then I will hold off on writing a new story (maybe I’ll take some notes or something) until I’m done typing.
I have two stories up on Smashwords and hopefully that number will rise to four by next week. I’m also trying to get them on Amazon and BN, but so far “Roots” is the only one there. These stories will be fantasy for the most part. My science fiction stories are busy at the moment. The stories I’m publishing independently will be stories that had been published elsewhere years in the past, or that don’t quite fit into a current market. I’ll keep people posted on here when something new comes up. You can always look in the right sidebar and there will be links.
So, what is my mini-goal for the rest of the week? Basically, as I said, get this longhand draft of my short story done, and start typing by Sunday the latest. I want to get another short onto Smashwords by Sunday too, which shouldn’t be difficult.
And, I want to get more sleep.

5 thoughts on “It’s only Wednesday?

  1. I love the way you have rationalised your goals and are thinking logical about the steps you plan to take! What I wouldn't give to be able to process my schedule like that. Keep up the fab work and hope to catch up with you again during this round. 🙂

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