Sweating Bullets… a check in

ROW 80 update: I have been doing very well with my ROW 80 goals. I’ve written an hour per night since the thing began, and though I am not an extremely fast writer, the pages are piling up. I feel really good about it. Last night, I was tired, I really didn’t feel like writing. But I MADE myself write for the whole hour. It wasn’t so bad.

During the day for the last two days, I’ve been learning how to use Smashwords. I think I am going to start putting some of my back list and some of my older fantasy stories up there, just so they can be out there for people to see. I’ve been learning about the formatting necessary and how to make cover art. It’s fairly simple, but a little stressful at the same time just because it is new for me.
This article from Discover is pretty cool. I tell my son all the time, if he is curious about space, try looking more closely at the Earth. The Earth is a just another hunk of rock in space, after all. If life can exist here, it can exist elsewhere as well. Maybe not EVERYWHERE, but look at the plethora of environments that exist right here on our little planet. And we have found life in some of the most inhospitable places!

3 thoughts on “Sweating Bullets… a check in

  1. Wow. Yay for getting the writing done — even when you were tired. I loved the fact about the Earth just being another chunk in space — so didn't quote that right, still love the fact of it, which we forget!

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