Goal Post, ROW 80 2012, Round 1

Without further ado (because I have to finish cleaning my house today before things have to go back to “normal” (whatever that is) tomorrow), my goals for this round of ROW 80:

1. Write for 1 hour per day. I have this rather than a word count goal. I think it will work better for me. I am going to try to have this in the afternoon when we have “quiet time,” but I can also do it at night if the afternoon does not work out. And really, I will be writing for more than an hour, but I felt like I needed to put a minimum in here to keep it real ;).
2. Complete first draft of short story by January 21st. This is a science fiction story I am working on for this quarter of Writers of the Future. On the 21st, I will be sharing it with my critique partners.
3. Work on idea for next short story between January 22nd-28th. This will be while I wait for crits to come back from my writing groups. No real writing on this idea, yet. Just brainstorming.
4. Start work on 2nd draft of short story by January 29th, at the latest. If I get crits back earlier than this, I will work on this a little earlier, but I do need a break between drafts.
5. Finish second draft of short story around February 7th. Then I will send it back out for more people to rip it to shreds.
6. Work on final draft of short story as crits come in. In between, I will work some more on the next story.
7. On February 28th, send out final draft of short story to Writers of the Future.

8. From March 1st-22nd, work on next short story. I won’t have this one finished until mid April or so, which goes into the next round of ROW 80.
Hopefully these goals are specific enough for me to be able to follow them, but flexible enough so that if I mess up, I can adjust things a bit and get back on track.
Hope everyone has a good new year, and best of luck with your goals for 2012, whatever they are!!

6 thoughts on “Goal Post, ROW 80 2012, Round 1

  1. I love the one hour a day goal–I feel like I always accomplish more than I thought I would in an hour. Thanks for stopping by my blog to cheer me on! What fun we'll have during ROW 80 this round!Oh, and I live in Natick. I do some local writerly things, if your interested (a writer's night out, among other things). Let me know!

  2. Good luck with your goals. I go back and forth with the wordcount or time idea. But mainly I just need to write daily. I went with wordcount for now, but may change over to a time requirement. Hmmm.Wishing you much success with your goals.

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