I’m-a back!

So after my couple month hiatus, I am back to this world.

I wish I could say that on my break I accomplished big things. That I got picked up by a major publisher, that I wrote some amazing stories, that something HUGE happened. Sadly, that was not the case. And really, that wasn’t meant to be the case. I took a break from writing because I had been having so much anxiety over it, and where things were going, and what was going to happen to the rest of my life… Over the past couple months I have done some charity work, which will be ongoing (see my Monkeys on a Mission blog for more details on that). My son and I have been learning a lot about space. One reason I love having a kid is that I can be excited about all this stuff again. Homeschooling makes it even MORE fun. The Chief is obsessed with space right now, and that makes me very happy :).
But, as time went on, and I tried hard to just separate Me from Writer-Me, I realized that it just wasn’t meant to be. I can’t *not* write. The stories go on in my head whether I write them down or not. That is a good thing. I took this break to make sure I was doing what I wanted to do, rather than doing what I was somehow stuck doing because I just hadn’t bothered doing anything else.
So, I feel satisfied and will start the new year with a new short story, and a new goal for ROW 80.

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