Let’s make this a better week…

It’s Sunday. The start of a brand new week with no mistakes in it (to borrow a sentiment form Anne Shirley).

I was supposed to see Dr. Grymm at the Charles River Museum today, but one of the bearings in the Mel-mobile is going. Husband is fixing it, but it’s such a long drive to drop the Chief off at his sitter’s and then go up to Waltham and back that I don’t think it’s going to happen. Boooo…. Dr. Grymm will be there signing his new book (done with his wife), 1,000 Steampunk Creations.

Writing is going slow, but it IS going. It’s hard to find a balance at this time of year because there are so many other distractions. I need to really figure out school stuff for the next year, and I need to get things organized for that. We are planning a new system, so I’ve been working on the logistics of that. And then of course, we have your normal summer distractions. Nine-year-old boys don’t want to be cooped up in the house while mom writes, so the Chief goes outside to play. I don’t want to get into intense writing mode while he’s out, because heavens forbid I get into the Mel-zone…I don’t notice anything else. I’m planning on making the big deadline for my story, but I’m letting little ones slip because it’s just not happening. If I try to MAKE it happen, it just gets harder.
Tomorrow I am going to see the last Harry Potter movie. My friend want to see it in IMAX 3D. I told her I know where to turn if I have to hurl.
Goal: This week, back to the basics. I’m writing 5,000 words. If I finish my story by next Sunday, I will be a very happy steamer.

7 thoughts on “Let’s make this a better week…

  1. Well, you're doing fine despite lige getting in the way. Good luck with your 5.000 words.And have fun at the movie. I really want to see the last H.P. as well but, have to wait till the friend I'm planning to watch it with returns from vacation.

  2. well with a child wanting his mum you wont be able to write like theres nothing outside the window – but you seem to be doing and there is a lot of just doing that needs work in the writing game for the occasions when you do need to keep an ear open -althoiugh they seem to last for ever school holidays do end!!!

  3. Sorry you won't get to see Dr. Grymm. Good luck with your writing and summer vacation. I'm sure you all will figure out a system so kiddo can play and you can write. Mines quite happy playing on the computer or wii while I write. But have to limit that of course or we get attitude from too much screen time. There's a happy medium there somewhere. Happy writing!

  4. It seems like you're doing pretty well despite missing some small deadlines. Missing Dr. Grymm is frustrating; sorry that didn't work out for you. Enjoy the movie, and keep on plugging. Nancy (lapidaryprose)

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