Who needs a title?

I played hooky on Sunday, and did not check in. It would be interesting if I had some sort of cool excuse to give you, like Godzilla stepping on my house (though the kitchen certainly looked that way for a while…) or a time machine came and picked me up… Or the FLIES swooped down, and in a community effort carried me away to Fly-Land (and believe me, there are enough of them). But no, alas. I was simply lazy/busy/procrastinating. And it would be even MORE interesting if I could tell you I was busy WRITING this whole time, and in fact, it would in part be true, but it would ENTIRELY be true. So I won’t tell you that.

Not that I HAVEN’T been writing, exactly. I’ve been writing a great deal, but it’s all been nonsense. “The grass is greener” sort of things, where I say, “This story is not working, there must be something else that I can do in this short amount of time I have left to write this story (short meaning, technically, negative). So I went galavanting off and tested out the waters of a different story (yes I KNOW you’re not supposed to do that!). And of course I failed, much to my frustration.
The good news is, once I returned to sanity, the story seems to be going along OK. I have no idea why I got so blocked all of a sudden. I do feel strangely unmotivated this week. But hopefully things will shape up, and I can get this darned story out.
Got three rejections in the past week… I’m shooting for at least ten before I retire that particular story (or try it out at the less than professional markets). The good news (well, it’s not really GOOD, but it’s not disheartening) is that these rejections came from some really competitive places, which were all in Duotrope’s top 25 most difficult markets to get into. So I am in good company.
My revamped goal: Finish draft one of this darned story by next Wednesday. That would be two weeks past schedule. Yuck! But it has to be done!

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