Tell me how it’s gonna be, George…

Sort of a weird beginning to the week here, and I’ve been less than productive. I checked up on my submission to Writers of the Future, and found out I was not a winner. I wasn’t that surprised, since it was my first time entering,but of course I felt a little disappointed that my story wasn’t even an honorable mention. I had been hoping… Oh well. I honestly don’t think that story was the best fit for that contest. I entered it at the last minute, on a whim. Hopefully my quarter 3 story does better. If first you don’t succeed, try, try again.
Or, as George R.R. Martin told me yesterday when I chatted hurriedly with him, “Write lots and lots of ’em. You’re submitting them to pubs and editors, right? Good, good.”
Yes, I was one of those geeks standing in line for many hours in 96 degrees in the blazing sun waiting to meet him in Burlington, MA yesterday. Heat exhaustion, yes. I had the worst headache ever afterward. But it was worth it. Met a lot of nice folks, got ripped off for lemonade (They charged us twice as much for it outside as they did inside. Lazy fee, I guess?). It was all good :).
But back to the writing: I was having a rough time with my story… The words were coming. I was writing words, but the magic was just not there. I kept telling myself, well, the magic will come in draft 2, right now I am just getting the story down. But no. I’ve been doing this long enough where I KNOW when a story is working, when it is GOOD. It’s like when you hit the ball in tennis right on the sweet spot of your racquet, you can tell it’s a good one even before it leaves. Well, the story I had been working on was NOT like that. This morning, however, I have been stricken with inspiration (LOL does that work?), and I have an idea that hit the sweet spot. At the very least, *I* am excited about the idea, so that in itself will make it a better story. But it will have to come out in a hurry… This is a shorter story than the 10k one I was going to write, so perhaps I can still finish in a reasonable amount of time. I’m going to try to shoot for 5,000 words of new writing by Sunday. It’s a stretch, but we’ll see.
Kitchen is coming along. I love the new set up. It is smaller area-wise, but everything is so much easier to reach and more convenient. And when it is done, we will have so much more USABLE space, which is the important thing.

2 thoughts on “Tell me how it’s gonna be, George…

  1. Melanie,It does sound like a different week; I totally understand the disappointment about the contest, even though I always try to justify it to myself, too!But hooray for the story idea; your description of the sweet spot on the tennis racket is so apt. I know exactly the feeling you mean.So congrats on that, and glad to have you with us in this Round!Nancy

  2. Ohmygosh, I'm freaking out over here that you met George R Martin! I think the advice that he gave you sounds really great, as well – just write a lot a lot, lol. And yeah, disappointment and rejection…we've all been there. But I like how you keep truckin' on.Good luck with the rest of your goals for the rest of the week!

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