So, did I do it?

Yes! Yes, I did. I wrote 5,407 words this week. And since 10,000 is really the target length of my story, if I do about the same this week, I’ll be done with draft one of this thing. The first draft is probably going to be a little longer, because, especially in the first scene, I have a lot of extra words in there. That’s what second drafts are for though. I’m hoping to get the second draft/revised version done by sometime after next weekend so I can get it out for critique.

I feel exhausted this morning, even though I went to sleep earlier than I have been last night. But my kitchen has walls (exterior, anyway) and a back door, which makes us all very happy. There is still a lot of work to do in there, but at least it’s not just a bumblebee filled gaped hole to the backyard!

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