Here, let me tape my eyes open…

Having a hole in your house is not good for your soul. I haven’t slept well in two days, wondering if critters are going to be sneaking in around the tarp. But, if all goes well, things are looking good. I’m hoping to have a framed in kitchen by Friday. Hoping being the operative word. Knowing this house, something could go very wrong.

For ROW 80: So far this week, I am comfortably on target. I have 3,029 words written as of this morning. I have a suspicion that my story is going to be longer than my purposes for it require, but I can’t be a good judge of that right now. When I write a first draft, it’s sort of just spewed forth from my brain, wordiness and all. A normal writer might only need to edit out 10% of their words. For this story at least, I would not be surprised if a good third of these initial words are going to be cut, just because it takes me a while to get into the groove of things. It would make me very happy if I could make my goal of 5,000 words by Sunday. It would be REALLY awesome if I could reach 7,000 words. I really need to get this first draft done.
Haven’t heard anything about the story I am expecting to hear about, which at this point, might be a good thing. I”m trying not to get my hopes up to high, which is to say, I am trying really hard not to imagine the telephone call happening. You know, like the whole thing. *Ring* “Hello?” “Hi, is this Melanie Meadors?” “Yes…” “This is ____ from ____. I’m just calling to let you know that you are a finalist.” And then of course all the different possible reactions go through my mind. Doing such things is foolish. But then, I’ve never made the claim that I am not a fool…

2 thoughts on “Here, let me tape my eyes open…

  1. Oh my! I hope you get your kitchen framed so you can sleep. I probably would be losing lots of sleep as well. Sounds like you are going great with your story. I have a tendency to be quite verbose. Turn off your internal editor and let it flow. Keeping fingers crossed you get your phone call. Happy writing!

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