ROW 80, Round 3, Goals and GO!

It’s that time again!

For this quarter, I’m going to be operating a little differently. Over the last two rounds of ROW 80, I have been re-discovering how I work. Not how someone else says I should work, but how I as an individual write best (I’ll give you a hint: outlining every move in a story does not work for me!). Now that I have that work done, my goals will be slightly different for this round.
General goals: Write, revise, and submit one short story/novelette by the end of the round. Start thinking about the next story. Critique other people’s work from my writing group.
Specific goal: In past rounds, I stayed away from this one, because I wasn’t sure I could commit to writing a certain number of words per day. I was trying to allow things to be more organic and flexible so I could learn more about myself. Not in this round, however. This round, I am going to commit to writing 5,000 words per week, at least for the first three weeks. Once editing starts, obviously, I’ll be in a different phase and won’t be doing that, I’ll be doing things probably based on time. But for now, 5,000 words per week. I’d like to be able to do 7,000. But i will start this way and see how things go. I don’t want to set the goal too high, because not reaching goals is depressing, and that is not conducive to good writing at all.
So, what is my story this time? I had plans for a different story at the end of the last round. That story, however, does not feel ready to be written yet. I’m going to let it simmer a while longer, and work on something else in the interim. This is a fantasy story, and that’s pretty much all I can tell you.
I received a rejection slip for a literary short story I had submitted in February. I sent it back off immediately to someone else. This story is kind of experimental, and I had expected it would be hard to find it a home. So I didn’t feel too badly. Other than that one story, it’s all about a certain shiny contest… I’m putting everything into that for now.
God luck to all my fellow ROWers!!!

2 thoughts on “ROW 80, Round 3, Goals and GO!

  1. Good for you, Melanie! I'm not an "outline every detail" person, either. I'm a discovery writer. Do what works for you…sounds great that you're so fired up. Go, go, go!

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